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Danbury Prospect Charter School will be a 6-12 college preparatory community where excellent teachers prepare a diverse student body to have a positive impact on society and a lifelong passion for learning. Starting with 6th grade, Danbury Prospect Charter School will grow a grade each year.

PROPOSED Opening Date: Fall 2021 | PROPOSED Location: TBA

Making a Case for DPCS

Danbury Prospect Charter School will bring a world-class middle and high school program to a community that has been vocal about the need for additional school choice options.

Danbury’s community leaders and families have been integral in supporting the formation of the school, as the city’s student population continues to grow and as Danbury’s population becomes increasingly diverse. Prospect Schools believes that truly diverse schools provide greater opportunities for students to learn from one another, so we create inclusive learning environments that make students and families feel connected, empowered and engaged in the school community.

We will create such an environment in Danbury by combining the community’s unique needs and characteristics with our ten years of experience establishing, growing, and managing four highly successful schools in Brooklyn.

Our Vision

World-Class Academics

We design our curriculum around the pillars of the rigorous International Baccalaureate program, creating a learning environment that challenges students to engage their curiosity and develop sound judgment and critical thinking skills. Danbury Prospect will be the first school in the region to offer the IB program.

Unique Diversity

When entering Danbury Prospect Charter School, visitors will observe the power of diversity in action. We are intentional in supporting diversity, and as such we will serve the socioeconomically and ethnically diverse families that make up the city of Danbury.

Excellent Teachers

Founded on the principle that the single most important factor that leads to a successful school is great, experienced teachers, Danbury Prospect is committed to hiring, training and retaining excellent educators.

Prospect Schools Core Values

  • Curiosity

    Develop sound judgment and intellect by asking questions confidently and thinking critically.

  • Care

    Support others by grounding every action in empathy while championing equity and inclusion in our work.

  • Persistence

    Grow and learn by solving problems with determination, creativity and tenacity.

  • Passion

    Succeed by approaching challenges with excitement, enthusiasm and self-assurance.

Key Dates